ViroKill: Doctored for ever clean interiors
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ViroKill: Doctored for ever clean interiors

Homes are where we go to feel the safest, a place where we want ourselves and our family to be not only physically but mentally safe as well. There are many ways to secure your homes but what about microorganisms that can stick to different surfaces, spread everywhere, affect our loved ones and steal off some precious family time. Especially when we are still going through a global pandemic that is affecting families and lives everyday, it is crucial to not spend our time worrying but choose correct products that do all the passive work of doing all the work for you.

When we help our customers’ homes to become better, we revolutionized a technology that cares for their hygiene as well, protecting from all of the critical viruses.

Virokill is the revolutionary technology curated by CenturyPly which is essentially an antiviral and anti-bacterial solution that can kill a majority of bacteria, funguses, and viruses in your home and living spaces.

About Virokill Technology:

It has a nanoparticle-based surface that undergoes a self doctoring surface treatment against microorganisms through AAAA (A-4) complete safety protection mechanism. CenturyPly’s products, plywoods and laminates all alike are instilled with this antibacterial and antiviral technology in order to fight germs and diseases.

The technology has been thoroughly tested at The Biotech Testing Services (BTS), one of the finest laboratories of the country, located in Mumbai. In order to test the efficacy, two tests that are carried out:

  1. Antimicrobial Efficacy Test (both Antibacterial Efficacy and Antifungal Efficacy of specified microbes) as per JIS Z 2801:2010 international standard.
  1. Antiviral Efficacy Test of the specified virus as per ISO 21702:2019 international standard.

The results of these tests state that both CenturyPly and CenturyLaminate products enriched with the Virokill Technology have 99.99% efficacy against viruses. Therefore, Virokill named appropriately kills any virus that comes in contact with CenturyPly or CenturyLaminates surface and get their cells killed.

Safety & Efficiency:

Unlike many other popular disinfectant claims, the Virokill technology is known to be completely safe and without any health hazard. Additionally, this technology is thermostable as well. This surface treatment is completely  non-leachable and over that it is immune to normal exposure such as humidity, moisture, or sunlight does not affect the antiviral properties of the plywood and make its crucial properties last for decades.

When it comes to the gauge effectiveness of the Virokill technology, since this solution is embedded in the polymer matrix system of the material, the nanoparticles are known to be effective throughout the lifetime of the furniture. Unless and until the surface is not chemically and physically damaged, the effects of ViroKill won’t be depleted.

Therefore it all comes down to the hygiene of our living spaces, choose the sanitization expert for your interiors and invest in the incredible Virokill technology. 

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