Stay worry-free with the Firewall technology in your kitchen
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Stay worry-free with the Firewall technology in your kitchen

The kitchen is a vital and lovable space in every home. It is intended to be used for cooking.
We spend our time there cooking our delectable cuisine. The maintenance of safety while
doing so is paramount.

The following article explores all the details of the latest revolutionary firewall technology
infused in plywood invented by CenturyPly. It possesses many essential qualities that are
advantageous in the unfortunate case of a fire accident and is licensed to fight fire incidents.

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Why Opt for Plywood With Firewall Technology?

A firewall technology uses nano-engineered particles implanted in the polymer matrix of
plywood to provide best-in-class fire-fighting qualities.

We occasionally hear a deluge of tragic news about fire catastrophes in India. Furniture is a
major factor in the spread of fire in homes. It is wise to choose firewall technology infused in
plywood to protect yourself from such fatal destruction. In the kitchen, we use fire to cook
food. It is essential to select safety and take pleasure in cooking with the utmost calm. We
can therefore avoid the following consequences of fire outbreaks by using firewall

• Fire can ruin a person financially and emotionally and has a long-term effect on their self-
• Irreparable harm to life and other assets.
• Death from asphyxiation brought on by the toxic gasses and smoke released during a fire is
an undesirable side consequence of the fire.
• During fire mishaps, the human mind typically tends to panic, and it becomes challenging to
make sensible decisions.

CenturyPly Products with Firewall Technology

Following are some of the popular CenturyPly products with firewall technology:

Club Prime

It comes in a range of sizes, including 4 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, and 19 mm.
There is a 30-year warranty period included. Additionally, it is a plywood sheet of
exceptional quality, affordability, and versatility that features revolutionary technology,
● Firewall- Protects from fire
● ViroKill- Protects by killing viruses.
● Glue Line Protection- Each layer is treated to provide complete protection from
termites and borers, which increases longevity.
● Glue shear strength- Provides strength
● Core composed- No gaps and overlaps present
● Strength and Shape Retention
● Boiling waterproof

Architect Ply

This high-end product is created from unique hardwood species and is adhered with the
synthetic resin of BWP grade. It comes in sizes like 4 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 19
mm, and 25 mm, just like Club Prime. It has a 4-time money-back guarantee. There is also a
lifetime warranty included. The cutting-edge technologies outfitted with Architect Ply are-
● Firewall Technology: Assures fire safety
● ViroKill Technology: Defends by eliminating viruses.
● Boiling waterproof
● Minimal warp and bend resistance
● Core composed- No gaps and overlaps present
● Termites and borers proof

What Sets CenturyPly Products Apart from Regular Plywood?

Ordinary plywood functions as a medium to spread fire within minutes and are quickly
destroyed once started. Additionally, it produces a lot of smoke. Rescue efforts are hampered
by the smoke, which could cause victims to suffocate to death, and the quickly growing fire
burns and consumes everything in its path. The blazing fire causes irreversible losses like loss
of life, trauma, injuries, mental problems, emotional and financial instability, and destruction
of priceless possessions before one can understand and take action.

19 mm thick Architect Ply and Club Prime plywood, when evaluated against important
criteria including flammability, spreadability, penetration, and smoke-developed index, prime
plywood infused with Firewall technology are recognized as the best in a class by Indian,
American, and British standards. They are equipped to combat the self-destructive effects of
fire by controlling its spread and reducing smoke production. In turn, this aids in rescue
operations and offers users crucial time to act, save their own lives and the lives of others, or
call the fire department, ambulance, etc. When the fire's source is eliminated, the fire also
puts itself out.
The advantages that you can get by using CenturyPly fire retardant plywood are as follows:

● The fire-retardant plywood from CenturyPly lengthens the time it takes for a fire to
spread across it or to nearby products. This asset allows you the crucial time to save
your loved ones and yourself.
● Fire-retardant plywood substantially reduces emissions from fire, thus preventing you
from suffocation.
● Once the fire's origin is eliminated, plywood that has been integrated with Firewall
technology will self-extinguish. For instance, plywood equipped with Firewall
Technology will self-extinguish whenever a fire source, such as a burning candle or a
curtain, is removed. So, in the event of a fire-related mishap, you must first
concentrate on putting out the fire and then evacuate.
● The plywood's new fire-fighting capabilities ensure increased safety at no extra cost.


Intending to provide its customers with the best products possible through ongoing
innovation, CenturyPly now offers plywood infused with Firewall technology. The easiest
way to provide an extra shield against unintentional fire incidents is thus by using plywood
that is fire retardant in the kitchen.

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