SAINIK 710: The secret ingredient behind long-lasting and durable kitchen interiors
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SAINIK 710: The secret ingredient behind long-lasting and durable kitchen interiors

Sainik 710 is our constant of strength and quality at the same price forever, all over the country.

At a wonderful price of Rs 105 per unit*, including GST, it is an Asli Waterproof plywood delivered to your doorstep with a promise of qualities that reside with you for decades, let’s take a peek behind CenturyPly’s most reliable Sainik.

[*unit = 929 sq cm]

While creating a perfect interior, the creative genius within takes over and sometimes we compromise the sustainability aspect as well. But we recognise that and provide the most reliable, strong, yet the most aesthetically flexible plywood that you can come across, Sainik 710 is your best friend.

Sainik 710 is your first step towards your dream home as plywood comprises 20% of your interior design budget. You get in touch with an emotional journey of creating an ideal home and that forms an emotional bond, we are determined to make it last forever.

Let’s take a look at why Sainik 710 is the perfect choice to protect your vision and home forever.

Consistent Price: Building a home can be a budgetary and planning nightmare, Sainik 710 stays there by your side with a constant price that never fails to provide quality. It's an added bonus over all of the qualities that Sainik 710 carries.

Moisture Content: Between 5-15% is the perfect amount of moisture that brings out an intact and robust ply, researched by us and ruled by The Bureau of Indian Standards as well.

Superior Strength: Quality of the plywood is a vital reason behind their strength and its most crucial property to consider, as you surely wouldn’t want to replace your exquisite furniture frequently. With CenturyPly, the assurance of quality is due to our use of more plies than clothes and stronger phenolic adhesives that keep them together for lifetimes. Make your home last for eons with the best quality building materials.

No Warping: When a home breathes and functions to its maximum capacity, there is bound to be some blunt forces, straining at different points, people hitting it from time to time, the ply is bound to be bent to an extent. Sainik 710 doesn’t get bothered by that, it cares about its aesthetic perfection. It possesses the strength to fend off adverse weather conditions so that the original design can be the same for years to come and let them live through the elegance and grace that your home deserves.

Termite and Borer Proof: The biggest rival of wood are termites and borer, it is very much resistant to infestations and Sainik 710 where these problems are never there to interrupt the beauty and strength of your homes. With an additional 8 year warranty, CenturyPly makes sure that you have nothing to worry about.

Waterproof: There are many ‘waterproof’ plywoods in the market that are sold under the disguise of dipped in a liquid that wears off pretty quickly. Our plywood goes through the boiling water test. If a plywood is submerged in boiling water for over 72 hours if there is no separation of plies and it remains completely intact, only then SAINIK 710 plywood is labeled as waterproof, straight from the house of CenturyPly,  ASLI WATERPROOF plywood.

Learn more about SAINIK 710:

You can now also order SAINIK 710 online from our eShop:

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