How To Get Quality Plywood For Furniture At Reasonable Price
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How To Get Quality Plywood For Furniture At Reasonable Price

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Never overlook the thickness of your Plywood

Know the difference between plywood grades

CenturyPly offers quality features like no other

          ◆ Years Of Warranty

          ◆ Glue Line Protection

          ◆ Firewall Protection

          ◆ ViroKill Technology

Make A Save with CenturyEShop

In Conclusion


The quality and strength of your furniture depend majorly on the type of plywood used and its quality. Therefore, always buy the best plywood for the production of your furniture. But why is it such a big deal? It is important to invest in quality plywood for the furniture since they are a long term use element of an interior. Moreover, the other decor accents such as blinds, fabrics, etc are also dependent on the type of plywood shade you choose. Hence, the furniture impacts your whole interior.

However, spending a lot of money is not a necessity. CenturyPly has emerged as one of the most trusted plyboard brands in India due to its optimum quality as well as competitive prices. This article will give you some tips on how to make sure you are buying the right plywood and at a reasonable price. Let’s get into it.

Never overlook the thickness of your Plywood

An important factor that can help you procure high-quality plywood is its thickness. This is the one factor that determines your plywood strength. This is important especially for furniture since they are a long term item of use. Furniture is not something that people invest in frequently and it is rather costly. The thinnest commercial plywood available in the market today has a thickness between 3mm to 4mm which can work for a light bookshelf but not heavy duty furniture. CenturyPly offers you plywood with a thickness range going up to 19mm plywood and even 25mm plywood.

Know the difference between plywood grades

Another important thing to remember while buying plywood for your furniture is its rating grade. Every plywood comes with a performance rating which determines whether it can bear heavy loads or not. Here are some of the various grades of plywoods available:

  1. Moisture Resistant (MR) Grade Plywood
  2. Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) Grade Plywood
  3. Boiling Water Proof (BWP) Grade Plywood
  4. Marine Grade Plywood

Most high-grade plywood sold in the market today are waterproof but reputable brands such as CenturyPly offer a range of plywoods that deliver more than just waterproof grade plywood. Some of the other qualities are also available such as termite proof, borer proof, fireproof, virokill protection, etc. Let’s get into each of these in detail. 

CenturyPly offers quality features like no other

CenturyPly is a leading manufacturer of quality plywood in India. With a wide range of plywood options to choose from, CenturyPly ensures that customers get a great pick for their needs. Check out the  best selling plywood products from CenturyPly:

●     ArchitectPly

●     ClubPrime

●     Bond710

●     Sainik710

CenturyPly packs quality features in a plywood to make it a great material for the foundation of your homes. Here are some of the unique features of plywood from CenturyPly:

1. Years Of Warranty-

Plywood products from CenturyPly such as ClubPrime, Bond710 and Sainik710 offers you a warranty of 25 years, 15 years and 8 years. Moreover the ArchitectPly offers you with a lifetime warranty.

2. Glue Line Protection-

The plywoods from CenturyPly are chemically treated with a coating of resin that kills borer and termites if they try to infest the plywood.

3. Firewall Protection-

ArchitectPly and ClubPrime plywood offers the ultimate protection from fire with Firewall Technology which involves the use of nanoengineered particles integrated in the polymer matrix of plywood.

4. ViroKill Technology

Plywood infused with the ViroKill Technology kills 99.99% viruses including the Covid-19 viruses and a set category of microbes, fungus, bacterias and germs as per the testing criterion.

Make A Save with CenturyEShop

Don't forget to count on its budget because it is what matters the most. You can buy plywood for furniture at reasonable prices in India, that too online. Yes! With the CenturyEShop, you can get a vast collection of plywoods to choose from at one place.

All these plywoods can be easily purchased from the comfort of your home with the help of CenturyPly EShop. It offers you easy:

●     Navigational Experience

●     Product Comparison

●     Transaction Process

CenturyEShop allows you to fulfill all your requirements with a simple and smooth buying process. Moreover, it provides you with a simple return policy as well. 

In Conclusion

The market is flooded with multiple brands of plywood, choose a brand that is reliable and trustworthy. With the quality features of plywood from CenturyPly, you can grab a wholesome deal at a reasonable price. Try CenturyEShop now:

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