Here's the CenturyLaminates Lucida Price List
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Here's the CenturyLaminates Lucida Price List


CenturyLaminates provides some of the best laminates in India at reasonable pricing. And CenturyLaminates is a trustworthy manufacturer that also offers many features and advantages with purchasing its decorative laminates. It has a variety of colours, and uses, depending on the space you want your laminates for. 

Lucida laminates are known to be one of the best in the market because of the variety of colours they come in. They also come with impeccable quality, which gives you shiny and colourful surfaces which last long. Also, you get a wide variety of choices in textures, designs, patterns, and other great properties. 

Table of Contents

➔ What is Lucida By CenturyLaminates?

➔ Pricing of Lucida Laminates?

➔ Varieties of Lucida Laminates?

➔ What makes Lucida By CenturyLaminates special?

      ◆ Colour fastness

      ◆ Scuff and impact resistant

      ◆ Heat resistance

      ◆ Virokill technology

➔ Conclusion 

What is Lucida By CenturyLaminates? 

Lucida By CenturyLaminates is a premium high gloss 1mm laminate that works well for kitchens. These kinds of laminates bring you a smooth and sleek finish while being sturdy all the time. You also get a mirror-like glaze which makes lucida laminates look incomparably premium. Also, lucida laminates offer extremely high resistance against stains and scuffs while making them look amazing with the rest of your interior. 

If you spill something on your laminates in the kitchen, you will not have to worry about stains. This creation of CenturyLaminates takes care of all the concerns that you may have with your furniture. As a result, before purchasing your lucida laminates, you need to know the kind of price range you can expect. 

Pricing of  Lucida Laminates

The starting price of the premium high gloss range, lucida laminates is Rs. 1500 per sheet. At this price, you get a 1mm thick sheet resistant to abrasion, heat, water, and scuff. The pricing depends on the kind of laminates or products you are getting. In this case, you can always get a quote from CenturyLaminates directly to not depend on any estimations. 

CenturyLaminates also provides you the option of making inquiries. At the same place, you can also look for the closest dealer around from whom you can purchase the CenturyLaminates. When you confirm your pricing directly from CenturyLaminates executive, you will not have to depend on the dealer to provide you with any other fluctuating price. But the crucial aspect is that your pricing will differ depending on the design and colour you get. 

Varieties of CenturyLaminates Lucida

Even under lucida laminates, you get various options to choose from when purchasing. The option exists in vintage burgundy, off-white, blood red, navy blue, purple, taupe, black, silver grey, hot pink, light orange, dawn blue, etc. From there, it can be understood that lucida laminates have many more colours. No matter the design and colour, there is always something for everybody at CenturyLaminates. 

These colours can brighten your living space or kitchen, whichever you want. If you follow a specific colour theme, you will find what you are looking for. But you can also find darker and vintage shades if you are not a fan of bright colours. 

What makes Lucida By CenturyLaminates special?

Lucida Laminates is made special due to its various features that you get. The features are the following - 

●​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Colour fastness

If you use lucida laminates for your kitchen cabinets, the appearance may become dull over time due to regular wear and tear. In such an instance, it is necessary to have laminates that would not be affected by such wear and tear. Hence, lucida laminates are not affected by the Xenon arc light, which causes the colours to become dull. Instead, they last a long time without being affected by wear and tear. 

●​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Scuff and impact resistant

Lucida laminates are resistant to both scuff and impact. Either during the installation or transit, it could be that the glossy laminates are scuffed. But lucida remains unaffected by any such scuffing, which makes it a great option for longtime use. 

The lucida laminates have a special top layer contributing to their impact resistance. Your furniture will continue to be impact resistant from heavy or falling objects no matter how many years you have been using it. 

●​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Heat resistance

Perfect for kitchens, lucida laminates are heat resistant. It means if your furniture comes in contact with indirect or direct heat, it will remain unharmed to a certain degree. According to the BIS norms, it will remain unaffected till the temperature of 180 degrees. 

●​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Virokill technology

All the products of CenturyLaminates come with the amazing technology of Virokill. By having this technology, the surface eliminates most of the viruses, fungi, and bacteria. It is extremely helpful for keeping your kitchen cabinets or other furniture clean and safe, especially if you have a kid at home. 


There are several reasons why lucida laminates are perfect for your kitchen and any other areas you want to decorate or construct. It is also great for offices and gives the environment a colourful and positive vibe. CenturyLaminates bring a good aesthetic appearance and the best durable quality. Anchor

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