CenturyEshop: A Business that's Built on Trust and Convenience
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CenturyEshop: A Business that's Built on Trust and Convenience


Online shopping has been at its peak for a long time and covid-19 enhanced the same. Presently, online shopping is not limited to a specific set of items, rather it has expanded. Shop plywood and raw materials for your house with CenturyEshop. To avoid getting fake products, we also offer a CenturyPromise App that helps cross-check the authenticity of the product. All you need to do is scan the QR code using your phone.

Now you can shop plywood, doors, laminates and PVC boards. Before heading to the website, have a detailed insight into what you can expect there. 

Table of Contents

➔ Why Shop for Products Online?

➔ How to Use the CenturyEshop?

➔ Products Available on CenturyEshop

       ◆ Plywood

       ◆ Doors

       ◆ PVC Boards

       ◆ Laminates

Why Shop for Products Online?

Here is why you can switch to online shopping:

● Availability of a wide range

Online shopping does not limit the options; rather, it practically provides a lot to choose from. Firstly, warehouses cannot store all the possible options. They rely on catalogues same as the options shown on the website. 


Also, visiting numerous warehouses is a highly time-consuming approach. With online shopping there are no worries about the availability of wood in stores. 

● Originality

It ensures no involvement of other parties. Direct purchase from CenturyPly is possible with CenturyEshop. Besides getting authentic products, the CenturyPromise App validates the claim and product.

● Compare

The products can be easily compared to choose the best. The feature enables better decisions by parallelly showing different features.

● Quickview

Users prefer to have an overview of the relevant product specification before diving into the details. You can have a detailed view of the product if it meets the requirements.

● Wishlist

Saving the options in a wishlist helps you have them all in one place. Rather than searching again, it is easier to look at them when choosing. 

How to Use the CenturyEshop?

Concerning convenience, let's have a tour of the website.

● The first step will be to visit the website. A dialogue box will appear on the screen requesting a few details about the area of residence. It is important to fill them in for better suggestions depending on the delivery possibilities and available options.

● Next, choose among the variety of products based on the requirements.

● Use the facility to compare and add to your wishlist.

● Check out the best option according to you and fill in the personal information for suitable delivery.

● All the details concerning the order and personal information will be displayed again for final review. Users get the option to edit or cancel the order.

● Do the payment according to any convenient method, and the product will be delivered soon.

Products Available on CenturyEshop

Users get different options to choose from. They are listed here for convenience:

● Plywood

There are three available options in the section. Club prime plywood, Sainik 710 and Sainik MR are available. Users get to choose different sizes and thicknesses.

● Doors

Among doors, users can expect Club prime doors in Delhi, Sainik doors in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh and other varieties depending on the location of residence.

● PVC Boards

The various PVC boards available are Starke Select, Neo and Prime and many more, according to different cities and states. Users can opt for the size and thickness and compare, quickly view or wishlist the appropriate items.

● Laminates

Offered laminates are frosty white, white, off-white, ivory, light grey and numerous other options depending on availability. The price for each item is mentioned below the product, along with the design code. Users can interact with customer care employees conveniently through calls or messages. 


Making a home from scratch or renovating the house is a tedious task. In such cases, if online shopping is possible, it will not only save a load of time but also the energy of people. They can use their energy productively to monitor the progress of their beautiful homes.

Based on this idea, CenturyPly offers customers options to shop for raw materials online. Millions of customers have trusted us due to the availability of the best quality. The same can be shopped from the convenience of your home now.

The website also offers features like Quick View, Compare and Add to the Wishlist option. Users can use a price range filter to check the options according to their budget. Customers can choose the payment method according to their convenience. Any queries are answered as soon as possible through chats or calls, depending on the mode chosen by users. 

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