CenturyPly Introduces ViroKill Plywood: An Advanced Material That Kills Germs
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CenturyPly Introduces ViroKill Plywood: An Advanced Material That Kills Germs

Do you want to keep your house protected from virus attacks? Want to keep your family members safe from potential health hazards? If yes, you can consider buying antiviral plywood to add a layer of safety to your house.

Antiviral plywood is designed to protect the house from germs. Unlike ordinary plywood, this plywood is made using advanced materials that make the product sturdy, durable, long-lasting and defensive against viruses, bacteria, and germs.

Cleaning or dusting the furniture from time to time is insufficient to get rid of germs. Therefore, applying antiviral plywood on the house interiors and exteriors can act as a shield from fungal, microbial, viral and bacterial attacks. The antiviral plywood is made of premium engineering wood to ensure safety from deadly diseases.

If you're planning to buy antiviral plywood, consider purchasing CenturyPly's Virokill Plywood for killing germs. We at Century Ply ensure to kill 99.9% of germs through our wide range of Virokill Plywoods. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and make your house healthy and hygienic.

Brief Overview of CenturyPly's Virokill Plywood

CenturyPly's plywood has Virokill technology that contains activated nanoparticles which collectively work together to kill the microbes on the surface. In other words, when microbes sit on the Virokill plywood, the technology kills it, thereby ensuring the safety and hygiene of the furniture and house.

Before you ask, Virokill technology is tested by the Biotech Testing services and antimicrobial efficiency tests and antiviral efficiency tests have been done to ensure that the products abide by the JIS Z 2801:2010 international standard and ISO 21702:2019 international standard, respectively. This certification makes Virokill Plywood a reliable choice for killing harmful bacteria, fungus, and viruses.

However, it is important to note that no studies have proven it effective against the Covid-19 virus. Besides, it is essential to remember that plywood does not kill the viruses in the air but only kills those that sit on the surface of the plywood.

 Which Century products have the Virokill technology?

Many Century products have the Virokill technology that kills the germs within minutes when they come in contact with the plywood. The products having the Virokill technology are as follows:

●       All Laminates

●       Senzura Woods

●       CenturyPly Architect Ply

●       CenturyPly Club Prime

●       CenturyPly Firewall

●       CenturyPly IS:710 Marine

●       CenturyPly Pro 710

●       CenturyPly Bond 710

●       CenturyPly Win MR

●       CenturyTeak

●       CenturyPly Bond 710

●       CenturyPly Club Prime

●       CenturyPly Win MR

 Features of Virokill Plywood 

While there are many plywoods available in the market, purchasing Virokill plywood can benefit you as it has many benefits. The following are the five characteristics of Virokill Plywood:

1. Anti-Viral

The Virokill Plywood has antiviral properties that fight against viruses and prevent them from accumulating on the surface.

2. Borer and Termite Proof

Since Virokill plywood is made using advanced techniques and chemically treated procedures, it stays unreactive to the attack of the borers. It also keeps the furniture protected from termite attack and safeguards the house's interiors.

3. Boiling Waterproof

One of Virokill Plywood's best features is its high water resistance. This means that even if water accumulates on the plywood, it won't shrink or swell on contact.

4. Warp and Bend Proof

The plywood also doesn't warp or bend on water contact and stays in the same place and position throughout the years.

5. Superior Strength

Besides protecting the furniture from virus attacks, the Virokill Plywood offers superior strength. So, the plywood will not break under normal circumstances, and you won't require frequent maintenance to repair it or keep it new for a long time. You can occasionally clean the plywood to remove the dust and let it protect your house from germs for many years.

Applications of Virokill Plywood

Virokill plywood can be used in both commercial and residential areas. The CenturyPly antiviral plywood has BWP grade or waterproof and MR grade or water-resistant plywood. While you can use the MR grade plywood in office cubicles, living rooms, bedrooms and lobbies, the BWP grade can be used in water-prone areas like restaurants, dining tables, bathrooms and kitchens. Depending on your needs and place for installation, you can opt for either of the two specified above and give your house the antiviral protection it needs. You can learn about these grades from our website before making an informed decision. 

Wrap Up!

Ever since Century plywood announced the use of Virokill technology in its products, many users have started purchasing these products to keep their houses clean and hygienic and thereby ensure the safety of the individuals. Customers from different states began placing their orders after Century brought the innovation to the market to make a hygienic choice for their households. So, what are you waiting for?

If you want to add a layer of protection to your old or new house, purchase CenturyPly's Virokill Plywood from https://www.centuryply.com/virokillbycentury and make your interiors safe.

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