6 Modern Bed Designs for a Modern Bedroom
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6 Modern Bed Designs for a Modern Bedroom


Bedrooms are a special part of homes. Harbouring special and personal moments, they are places to relax, rest, and seek calm. It is extremely important to tailor them according to one's taste. The article presents a guide on plywood and modern bed designs for modern bedrooms. 

Table of Contents

➔ Six Modern Bed Designs

       ◆ Murphy Bed

       ◆ Mysa Bed

       ◆ Nook Bed

       ◆ Rattan Bed

       ◆ Upholstered Bed

       ◆ Trundle Bed

➔ Why Choose CenturyPly for Bed?

➔ Deciding Factors in The Choice

       ◆ Dimensions of Plywood

       ◆ Type of Plywood Sheet

       ◆ Feasibility

➔ Characteristics to Look for While Choosing Plywood

       ◆ Resistance

       ◆ Retardance

       ◆ Strength

       ◆ Wide Variety

 Six Modern Bed Designs

Here are the six modern bed designs that ensure comfort and elegance:

Murphy Bed

The small homeowners, who want to utilize every corner of their house, Murphy beds are a great choice. With the ability to fold vertically on the wall, they can be opened when required. It enables the floor and space to be used for other purposes. It can be added solely for guests or for everyday use, depending upon the spaciousness.

Mysa Bed

It is another bed suitable for small bedrooms. It gives a clutter-free appearance and is low in height, making a great combination with a tall mattress. The bed does not have headboards and is thus easily placeable anywhere in the room. Filled with simplicity, the Mysa Bed has multiple horizontal slats that assist in even weight distribution and gives a minimalist look.

Nook Bed

Looking for a stylish design? Nook Bed is among the recommendations. Its defining feature is the angle of the headboard on the sides. Besides adding to the aesthetics, it helps block light and sound to give proper undisturbed sleep, especially for light sleepers. The fabric component of the Nook Bed makes any colour variety possible to complement the interiors of the bedroom.

Rattan Bed

Containing both head and footboards, they are a combination of hard and flexible styles. Suitable for indoor and outdoor, these are 70s styles currently in trend due to their simplicity. Known for their versatility and durability, they are a sign of a luxurious lifestyle. It is a modification of the platform bed but filled with elegance and a stunning look.

Upholstered Bed

These offer signature modern bed designs with full functionality and removable covers. The wide headboards equipped with storage units are customisable with leather or fabric. Additionally, the choice and type of headboards, along with the position of storage units, completely depends on the owners. The upholstered beds can easily adapt to interiors and remain a focal point along with facilitating comfortable, relaxing time and sleep.

Trundle Bed

A solution to bunk beds is a low-height bed with wheels. It means the lower part of the bed can be slid under the main bed to save up space. Additionally, the presence of wheels eases pulling out whenever required. It is great for surprise visits, cousins staying over, or room sharing. Even customers get to choose among the multiple types like day, captain, bunk, and sleigh beds.

Choose the Best Materials for Your Bed 

The choice of modern bed designs depends on the thickness and size of the plywood and its types. Furthermore, it's crucial to get the feasibility of plywood checked under the right guidance for elected modern bed designs. Discussing these factors in detail:

Dimensions of Plywood 

As mentioned, the manufacturing mechanism of plywood is a combination of plies and veneers. So, the strength and weight loading capacity directly vary according to the number of constituting elements. The strength and number of elements are required to understand the allowed load of the mattress and the number of people. Accordingly, the thickness of the plywood is decided. Hence, with the increase in load, the number of plies should increase, further increasing its strength.

Type of Plywood Sheet 

The right choice in the type of plywood holds significance due to the variety of good and good-looking plywood suitable for different applications available in the market to distract the customers. The BWP and MR plywood is the most suitable for modern bed designs. CenturyPly provides quality with a variety of types of plywood. They have Architect Ply and Bond 710 in the BWP category and Win MR in the MR category.

The Bond 710 is made according to IS:710 parameters and available with fifteen years of warranty. Architect Ply is one of its kind providing both function and quality along with a lifetime warranty. Win MR is commercial-grade plywood manufactured in specific environmental conditions. Being equal to BWR-grade wood panels, they cost less, making them a good option.


Modern bed designs are available in a variety of unique shapes, designs, patterns, and styles. Combining these with plywood's size, type, and strength, customising the bed frames is technical and challenging, decreasing the compatibility. Hence, the right combination should be chosen before investing.

Characteristics to Look for While Choosing Plywood 


Increasing longevity is possible by protecting from the harsh problems encountered by nature. Moisture, borers, and termites are some of the worst enemies of plywood. CenturyPly boasts of its quality by protecting it from these natural biotic factors.


CenturyPly equips its plywood with firewall technology to bring you fire-retardant plywood. Utilising the latest technology, these plywood are made to prevent fire spread, preventing accidents due to short circuits or other reasons.


Irrespective of the weight applied on CenturyPly, be it on any product, beds, cupboards, kitchen shelves, or others, the strength remains uncompromised. No evidence of warping or bending will be witnessed, keeping the beauty, strength, and style intact.

Wide Variety

CenturyVeneers applied along with CenturyPly for modern bed designs are available in NatzuraWoods, ProgettoWoods, Dark forest, and SenzuraStyles. They are also borer-proof and boiling water resistant, protecting against temperature and moisture in combination with numerous patterns and textures to style based on your choice.


To summarise, modern bed designs like panels, canopy, cottage style beds, sofa cum bed, bunk, floating, and trundle beds, when paired with exceptional characteristics, promote increased longevity. Moreover, CenturyPly increases affordability with reasonable pricing, thus catering to the needs of the masses. 

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