A little bit About Us

It is time to do away with different construction materials for different purposes. Fibre cement is a highly versatile building material that can be moulded for a wide range of applications. And Zykron Fibre Cement Solutions aims to provide you with just that. Its long list of features make it the ideal material for different construction and interior applications. Presently.


Zykron has two offerings

Boards and Planks


  • Minimal maintenance
  • High degree of workability
  • Amazing colours and design capabilities
  • Completely calibrated and can be used directly


  • abt-n-1.png Fire retardant
  • abt-n-4.pngBacteria and fungus resistant
  • abt-n-2.pngNo shrinking or swelling
  • abt-n-5.png 100% termite and borer proof
  • abt-n-3.png100% waterproof
  • abt-n-6.png100% formaldehyde, phenol and toxic free
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