Laminated Particle Boards

Pre-Laminated Particle Board (IS 12823)

These are imported hardwood particle boards, meeting El Formaldehyde emission level of European standards. They are laminated on both surfaces with imported design paper by short cycle lamination. The products are known for colour-fastness and being eco-friendly and conforming to the above standards.


  • Specially made with hard wood meeting El Formaldehyde emission level grade of European Standards.
  • Higher color-fastness due to imported designs with primary pigments.
  • Excellent surface smoothness and better strength.
  • Very good edge compactness.
  • Widest range of designs in Pastel and wood Grains.
  • Largest range of sizes.
  • Matching post-forming and edge bander are also available.
  • Eco friendly product.
  • Product conforms to IS 12823.