Laminated Plywood

Laminated Plywood

Time is the scarcest resource in today's fast-paced life, where everything happens at the speed of thought. The growing demand to save time, cost and labor can only be fulfilled with Pre-lam Ply, the best replacement to the usual way of pasting a laminate with PVA adhesive. Laminates of all types are bonded with BWR grade plywood by applying adhesive under controlled temperature and pressure in the hot press. It finds a variety of uses in semi-exposed areas, ceilings, drums and barrels, door panel inserts, vehicle seats and floor underlays. Pre-lam is also perfect for furniture - in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and in public areas, chairs, study tables, dining tables, drawers, shelves, racks, almirahs and showcases.


  • Meets E0, E1 and E2 levels of formaldehyde emission
  • Excellent bonding for more strength
  • Excellent durability ensures trouble-free usage for many years
  • Available in all types of thickness, which means more choices for you
  • Widest range of designs and finishes: finding one that suits your style has never been this easy
  • Ready-to-use ply, cost and time saving

Technical Data

Moisture Content (%)8 - 12
Glue Shear Strength (kg)> 140
Water Resistance Test (kg)> 120 (tested after 72-hours of boiling)
Mycological Test (kg)> 120
Adhesion of pliesExcellent
Treatment:Glue Line is fortified with non leachable organophosphorous compound (USA technology)
Modulus of Elasticity (N/mm2)
a) Parallel to face
b) Perpendicular to face

> 9000
> 5000
Specific gravity0.75
Screw holding strength (kg)> 250
Nail Holding Strength (kg)> 100