BWP Flush Doors

BWP Flush Doors

BWP Flush Doors from the house of Centuryply are high-density block board doors providing excellent insulation against dust, heat and sound. Made from quality, imported timber, they possess high resistivity to borers and termites. Decorative flush doors come with a wide range of tailor-made thicknesses and overlaid ornamental veneers.

Technical Data

Moisture Content (%)10 - 12
Flatness of Shutter
"(twist, cupping and warping)"
not more than 1 mm
Local Planess
(surface smoothness)
not more than 0.5 mm
Impact Indentationnot more than 0.2 mm by a weight of 0.5 kg
Flexure Resistance
(residual deflection)
not more than 2 mm
Edge Loading
a) Residual deflection
b) Lateral buckling

not more than 0.2 mm
not more than 1.5 mm
Shock Resistanceno visible damage after 25 blows of 5 kg
Buckling Resistance
a) Initial deflection
b) Residual deflection

not more than 40 mm
not more than 5 mm
Slamming of the Shutterno visible impact after 25 impacts of 15 kg
Misuse of the Shutterno permanent deformation after the test
Varying Humidity
(adverse weather condition)
dimensional changes within 5%
End Immersionno delamination after immersion
Adhesion of Pliesexcellent
Glue Adhesionno delamination of the glue line
Screw Holding Strength (kg)> 200
Preservative TreatmentTwo Tier Treatment:
1. Lumber and Veneers are treated with preservatives
2. Glue Line is fortified with non- leachable organophosphorous compound (USA technology)
Specific Gravity0.60
Water Absorption< 2%
Nail Holding Strength (kg)> 100