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  • A ply bonded with marine grade BWP (Boiling Water Proof) resin that can endure extreme weather conditions and withstand alternate drying and wetting. Century 710+ Marine Grade Plywood is waterproof and specifically designed for those who want marine ply at an affordable cost. This is the only ply with the unique POWERBOND technology which ensures optimum adhesive strength apart from GLP (Glue Line Positioning) which makes it Borer and Termite proof.



    Marine Grade Plywood

    Power bond technology used (Cross Linked Polymer Bond)

    Manufactured using imported timber

    Bonded with PF resin

    Marine grade glue used for durability

    Microbial decay resistant

    Withstands alternate wetting and drying/p>

    Thicker face ensures better tenacity



    Boiling Water Proof


    Thickness- 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12 mm, 16mm,19 mm and 25 mm

     Industry Norms   Test Results


    650 kg/m3 (approx.)
    Length maximum permissible
    Width: maximum permissible
    +3 mm
    Thickness (above 6 mm)
    ± 5%
    Moisture content (%)
    8 to 10
    Resistance to water, adhesion to plies (3 cycles of 8hr@100±2 0C in water & 16hrs drying @65±2 0C
    Pass standard
    BWP grade resin
    Adhesion of plies
    Static bending strength (N/mm2)

    Parallel to face grain: >6,000
    Perpendicular to face grain: > 4,500

    Parallel to face grain: >50
    Perpendicular to face grain: > 45
    Preservative treatment
    1. GLP with CPP
    2. ACC treatment
    7 year guarantee against borer & termite
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